Frying pan

La Cintura di Orione


Design: Richard Sapper , Pierre Troisgros

Developed with the advice of starred chefs Pierre and Michael Troigros, the frying pan of La Cintura di Orione series is perfect for frying and flambé. The pan is made of highly thick iron that acts as a regulator of the heat transmitted by the flame, preventing in this way any sudden increase in temperature inside the receptacle.


Frying pan in iron.

  • Code: 90103
  • Diameter (cm): 26.00
  • Height (cm): 4.00

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The project "La Cintura di Orione", designed by Richard Sapper, dedicated to the private gourmet public, namely those enthusiasts of intelligent and creative cooking who are often led to use some borderline professional utensils because of their culinary passion.

Richard Sapper

Richard Sapper was born in 1932 in Munich. In the early 1960s, he began to collaborate with the Italian architect Marco Zanuso, together they acted as design consultants for Brionvega for which they developed a series of televisions and radios. His clients include Alessi. Throughout his career, Sapper has remained...

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